Donald E. McInnis

Criminal Defense Attorney and Author of She's So Cold
Reviews of She's So Cold

"McInnis uses clear, descriptive language to describe all aspects of the case. That makes the book read more like a novel than a work on nonfiction. I think that those who like true crime or legal works will enjoy this book."
Amy's Scrap Bag

"So who killed Stephanie? I will leave this to the reader to discover. Hers actually becomes a secondary crime to that perpetrated on these boys. In defense of the police, they must deal every day with the dregs of society who all declare their innocence. The detectives must have methods and ways to tenaciously get at the truth. However, to use what falls dangerously into the realm of torture is surely not the answer, particularly on teenagers."
Book Loons

"If you like real-life drama and suspense this is may be a read for you."
Book Pleasures

"This was an enlightening book that would be good for true crime readers, and those interested in police procedure and the law."
Book Zone

"As I was reading this book, I did feel and experience injustice as well as anger. The type of harassment that the three boys endured was horrible. It is no wonder that they would and did say anything that the authorities wanted them to say. The whole process was very speedy and not well researched. It is lucky that Mr. McInnis was assigned to represent one of the boys. If not, the boys may never have been released."
Cheryl’s Book Nook

"She’s So Coldis one of the most harrowing stories I have read... This is a gripping tale of law enforcement gone lawless."
English Plus Blog

"Even though the events of this book are highly maddening, I recommend this book. It is extremely interesting to read about all of the things surrounding Stephanie’s death, the investigation, the trial, and the outcome."
— Grandma Ideas

"I learned a lot from this book. I recommend those that like true crime read the story. They will get so much more from it than just the mess that the police and others made trying to get a confession."
J Bronder Book Reviews 

"This was one of those cases the mass media love and for which they effectively convict the accused in the minds of the public. This was in 1998 in San Diego, and the original victim’s name was Stephanie Crowe. But there were more victims, including Stephanie’s brother, two of his friends, and the three boys’ families. The trauma willfully and knowingly inflicted on them by the police and prosecutors was limited by the fact that so-called “confessions” by two of the three boys were videotaped. I haven’t watched the videos, but reading them is like watching violence in slow motion."
Let's Try Democracy 

"This is a fascinating look at a broken 'justice' system, interrogation techniques, false confessions, and the rights of the accused in general and children in particular."
Littoral Librarian

"If you enjoy mysteries you will love this. If you want to see why we need more people like Donald McInnis working for us, you will enjoy this... Mr. McInnis does a wonderful job of laying out the facts without prejudice. He simply states what happened. Fascinating read!"
Maria's Space

"She’s So Cold shows in excruciating detail how fragile the human psyche is and the power law enforcement wields to manipulate us.  It’s an excellent case study in how, under the wrong circumstances, fact can become fiction and fiction fact. Thanks to Donald McInnis for an unsettling but necessary look at the dark and sometimes obscure motivations that produce misbehavior by the police and false confessions to crime."

Men's eNews

"The unethical psychological and emotional manipulation of three young boys that coerced false confessions establishes groundbreaking need for change. If you are interested in true case studies of the wrongfully accused or an advocate for children’s rights, maybe even a newly appointed attorney, this is a must read. It changed the lives of fifteen people and it might even change yours."
My Shelf

"With a perfect balance between dialogue and description, the story flows through the pages and is easy to follow and understand without complicated police jargon."
SA Examiner

"If you are interested in interrogation techniques, children’s rights, and/or wrongful convictions, this book is for you. Highly recommended reading!" 
Defrosting Cold Cases